Rosemary Curry, March 2021

"Absolutely Amazing!!"

Prior to my appointment I was quite distressed, as I couldn't hear at all out of my right ear. The treatment was painless and honestly, I feel like a new person. Amazing, thank you so much.

Ralph's feedback

Rosemary's ears were blocked by brown wax. Unfortunately she remembered a bad experience 20 years ago when irrigation had been painful. Understandably this had caused fear of any further treatments for wax removal. Microsuction pulled all the wax out without any discomfort and Rosemary was very relieved!

Colin Smith, March 2021

"Excellent Service!"

My left ear does not work, so I rely totally on my right ear. Unfortunately I had a sudden almost complete loss of sound in this ear, which made me virtually deaf. I have to admit it was my fault for trying to remove wax with cotton wool buds (bad idea). I contacted my GP and was told to try olive oil, as they don't do syringing!!! Then I contacted Pennine Ear Care and got a next day appointment. I saw Ralph and within 30 minutes he had removed a lump of black wax which had been sitting on my ear drum. What a relief to hear again. Highly recommended.

Ralph's feedback

Colin had lost 99% of his hearing as the left ear suffers historical inner ear damage. Knowing this made me very aware that the right ear was was all he had to depend on. I used Earol olive oil spray to provide safe suction on the blockage. The wax put up some resistance, but I released it from the ear drum painlessly. I know Colin was delighted!

Thanks Colin

Maria, March 2021

"Ralph is a lifesaver and truly AMAZING!"

After suffering the worst earache ever.. for over a week, I tried different solutions. My doctor wouldn't help. I went to A&E and all I was told was 'to take pain killers and put olive oil drops in'. After doing just that for over a WEEK! that's the last thing you want to hear from anyone. I went to several people and paid a lot of money, for which they didn't do anything, no wax , nothing was taken out. I was told it was an A&E problem. The pain was getting worse day by day. I couldn't sleep or even eat properly.

My husband found the lovely Ralph on the internet and contacted him straight away after seeing his reviews online. They gave me an appointment the same day by fitting me in.... again I was hesitant because I had lost hope in anyone fixing this problem, but I went and that was the best decision I had made! Honestly, I cannot thank Ralph enough. He sorted my ears out, my hearing is back to normal and my pain has FINALLY gone! At last I can have a decent night's sleep.

I couldn't be happier, I will deffo be going to Ralph again in future. I recommend him to anyone having ear issues. Thank you so much once again Ralph!

Ralph's feedback

Maria's ears were blocked by dark, hard, impacting wax. Micro suction alone was not sufficient to pull the wax out. Application of pulsating irrigating water (really warm), softened the wax, enabling safe removal of all the wax, much to Maria's relief!

Fresh air could now reach all the way to the ear drums. I advised Maria to use olive oil drops occasionally to assist the natural ear cleaning process.

Cadel Drury, February 2021

After years of trouble with wax build up in my ears, (I have visited many doctor's practices and hospital departments to have them unblocked), today I visited Ralph at Pennine Ear Care and it was the best experience of ear care I have ever had!

His Knowledge and experience shows. He is also a very warm and welcoming person too.

I will not be visiting my GP again when wax build up occurs as I will definitely be going to see Ralph at Pennine Ear Care.

Worth every penny! Thank you so much.

Cadel's wax was dark and impacting, i.e. up to his ear drum. Microsuction combined with use of olive oil enabled me to safely lift out all the wax.

It is always satisfying to see a clear ear canal on the computer screen!

Nidhee Gupta, November 2020

Ralph, I cannot thank you enough for restoring my hearing. You have been God sent at a time when all other advice was not working. Thank you for giving me my hearing back.

You were so patient and reassuring. Many thanks!

Ralph is highly recommended.

Sanya Raani, July 2020

Fantastic Experience, I was hearing only from my right ear as my left ear was blocked. After my appointment - wow, I feel like I have a brand new ear....I enjoyed the whole experience....great price and great gentleman....made me laugh and I felt relaxed.

Thank you so much for removing all that wax....Definitely a recommend!

Debbie Betts, June 2020

Absolutely brilliant. Professional and I can hear again! Used Ralph a couple of years ago and can't recommend him enough.

David Klunder Rosser, June 2020

Friendly, professional and extremely good at his job - Ralph was excellent.

I went to see him for a blocked ear, post an ear infection and he sorted it out straight away!

I would absolutely go and see Ralph again and cannot recommend him more highly.

David was seen at short notice, as a recent ear infection was at risk of returning. Ear infections can be acutely painful! His ear canal and ear drum were coated in pale debris which needed gentle clearance. Once cleared, David's hearing was back to 100%

Paul Bryant, June 2020

I contacted Ralph on Sunday to see if he could help me sort my left ear out after a month of 'living with it'. Due to Covid-19 restrictions my local GP surgery was not offering this service.

I had visited Boots ear care two weeks earlier, but they were unsuccessful.

I had been using an ear piece for work calls for two months and the blockage had become worse. I estimate I only had 20% hearing effectiveness in my left ear.

Anyhow, it was a pleasure to meet Ralph and whilst observing all the Covid-19 restrictions, he successfully cleared my left ear - fully, which was a huge relief!

Excellent and efficient service, many thanks, Paul Bryant

Roger Mansell, January 2020

Thank you for the treatment. I can't remember my hearing being this good!

Everything is so clear. Treatment was quick, straightforward and pain-free and you were very informative.

I will not hesitate to recommend you to other people who are experiencing hearing problems.

Best £70 I've ever spent!

All the best, Roger Mansell

Elaine Graydon, December 2019

I had been unable to hear for some 10-12 days due to a build up of wax. As my GP no longer syringed ears, I was left with no option but to go private.

Two local practices could only offer appointments on 16/12/2019 or 07/01/2020 (a wait of approximately of either 2 or 5 weeks).

As I am already permanently deaf in one ear and the good ear was blocked, I needed some urgent attention. I contacted Ralph Leach at Pennine Ear Care and was given an emergency appointment at 5pm the same day.

My hearing is now restored. Ralph was very professional and accommodating, I cannot recommend his services too highly!

Brendan O'Callaghan, Aug 2019

"Very Professional and Informative"

This is the second time I have seen Ralph. Fantastic job as always. Very professional and informative. Thank you.

Sharon Keenan, Aug 2019

"Wow, What can I Say!"

I've not been able to hear for about 7 weeks now, so I visited Ralph at his home clinic. He is very professional, spoke everything through what was going to happen and no rushing me when I felt dizzy afterwards.

Yes I can hear now, thank you so much, I will be re-visiting if it happens again!

I could tell Sharon needed reassurance about what was happening. Adults can worry more than children! I made sure she understood everything and that she was safe.

Ryan Hamilton, May 2019

"Fast and Effective!"

After 29 years I've never had my ears checked or had a problem, until I had a shower and my right ear became blocked. It couldn't have come at a worse time because it was Friday and I had 2 events to attend over the weekend, which I would enjoy hearing (sports/motor-racing)

After ringing around 6-7 places who couldn't fit me in on the same day, I gave Pennine Ear Care a call thinking that after this I'd give up and I'd have to sort it out afterwards.

Luckily for me Ralph was able to fit me in at 5pm. Upon arrival I was welcomed into his home clinic and we had a nice chat. Ralph is very informative, helpful and friendly. Even after turning up 20 minutes late due to traffic, he was so understanding. After examining my ears and photographing them for his records and to show me the problems, I could see what 29 years of neglect looked like! One ear blocked and the other almost blocked.

Under the procedure Ralph was gentle and took me through what he was doing which was reassuring. It was loud and I had a bit of mild discomfort, but Ralph put me at ease and I felt I was in no real risk of harm.

It was fast, it was effective and I feel I can hear in HD. If ears are the problem, Ralph's the man. I highly recommend him and thank him for saving my weekend, which I will be able to enjoy now. I wish you all the best and thank you Ralph.

Ryan's ears were completely blocked by dark wax. Microsuction was used to safely remove all the wax. Ryan was delighted, he could instantly hear properly again!

Nigel, from York, March 2019

"Thank you SO much!"

Thank you SO much for the treatment this morning. I notice an amazing difference and such relief!

From Chris Coulson, January 2019

"Excellent Experience!"

Having suffered partial loss of hearing for some time, I decided to go to Pennine Ear Care due to their good reviews and I was not disappointed.

Ralph was very professional, careful and considerate. He completed a lengthy questionnaire with me before deciding which was the best way to proceed.

He explained each stage of the treatment before he did each stage so there were no surprises. He even showed me inside my own ear canals on his laptop so I could view "before and after".

It was a very relaxed treatment and the results were brilliant. I could hear things previously unheard, such as the crackle of a newspaper and the tyre noise in the car.

I cannot recommend Pennine Ear Care enough after my treatment.

Chris Coulson, Halifax

Chris had been using Bicarbonate of Soda drops in the hope these would clear her ears, but as often is the case, these failed to work. Microsuction cleared most of the wax from both ears, then I irrigated the left ear to leave it clean, as well as clear, like the right. (I never charge extra if alternative cleaning methods are required) Ralph.

From Helen Wilmans, Sept 2018

I have to say a massive thank you to you again! So professional, you put me at ease and you didn't give up on my ear wax build up! Not to mention you getting me in so last minute and on a Sunday! Brilliant service, you'll be highly recommended by me for sure!

Thank you!!!! Helen

From Paul Roebuck, Oct 2017

Thanks for the amazing service last week when you restored my hearing, it was also fantastic to listen to your knowledge on ears! I will definately be back if I have any problems in the future!!

Ralph is highly recommended for sufferers of any ear wax build up.

I supplied Paul with aftercare tips, how to use olive oil and showering information.

From Malcolm Styring, May 2017

I am pleased to advise you that the Tinnitus I was experiencing yesterday has much improved. When I woke up this morning after a good nights sleep , I noticed that the sound of the Tinnitus was not as loud. Also I have noticed an improvement throughout the day. In fact it is now very faint indeed. I am very relieved. I thought yesterday there was a possibility that it was going to be permanent. Thank you again for ringing me yesterday, and giving me reassurance.

Tinnitus is slow to develop following a hearing loss caused by wax or whatever and can take several days to fade away, once hearing is restored to a good level.

From Robert Burns, May 2017

Thank you so much for today, I can't believe how clear the world is sounding now. You've done a fantastic job and I'll definitely be recommending you to anyone else in need.

Rob needed microsuction and irrigation to fully clear both ears, leaving them sparkling clean!

5 Stars ***** From Christine Morrell, March 2017

" What a brilliant service!! My husband was due to have his ears syringed, only to be told by his doctor's surgery that the machine had broken, resulting in a possible wait of 3-4 weeks before they would manage to clear the backlog. As we are going on holiday he was desperate to have them cleared. I searched the internet looking for help and found Ralph's Clinic. We arranged a home visit, the service is great, my hubby can now hear again. Ralph also checked my ears, as I have mine syringed at least once a year. I only had them done at the doctors 2 months ago, so I was amazed to see what actually came out of my ears and to top it all - the Tinnitus in my left ear has gone. We will never have this procedure done anywhere else again. Ralph, we can't thank you enough, you are a gent!"

Terry needed to have his ears cleared to be safe for flying. His wax was deep, dark and impacting, which meant that the wax was touching his ear drums. Fortunately, the olive oil drops had softened the wax enabling me to safely rinse out all the debris. Normal hearing was restored and the bad symptoms disappeared. It was an afterthought to check his wife's ears and once seen, I realised I could help her there and then! The quality drink of coffee kept me smiling too!

From John Wood, Ferry Bridge, February 2017

Ralph, thank you for your service today.

I put oil in my ears on Monday evening, woke up Tuesday and had gone deaf in the right ear. Knowing waiting times for wax removal would be long at my GP, I sent an email. I got a response 2 hrs later and was offered a home appointment the next day - Wednesday! Ralph arrived on time and was very quick to sort my problem out. My Right ear had loads of wax in it, but to my surprise the Left ear had even more in. Ralph took photos before and after treatment and what an amazing difference, well worth the cost. I can hear again, thanks Ralph. John Wood

5 Stars ***** From Rita Burns, October 2016

I went to Mr Leach one week ago for wax removal, this was needed in order for me to have my hearing tested. I have previously had syringing carried out at the doctors and found it very painful. Also, as I have tinnitus, I was anxious not to make this worse. Mr Leach reassured me straight away. He was very professional, friendly and calm. He asked me all about my condition and my concerns. He then explained very clearly about the procedure and what it would involve. He showed me images of the inside of my ears on a laptop before he started and explained exactly what he was doing all the way through the treatment. I was able to see this on the screen.

I can't praise his treatment highly enough. I would rate it at 5 stars and felt that Mr Leach deserved more! As the wax was so bad and impacted, two different methods were used several times, each time Mr Leach showed me what was going on in my ears. Because of this, the treatment took over an hour. I knew he had to travel to his next appointment, but he never rushed. Mr Leach carried on until my ears were completely clear.

Since then, not only can I hear better, the sensitivity to noise which I have had for years has disappeared. I did not expect this, as it has never happened when I have had syringing at the doctors, in fact it is usually worse. Before I went to Mr Leach, I wondered if it was worth paying for wax removal when it is free at the doctors. Now I would say it was worth every penny. I asked if I should come back in six months, as that is when I would normally need syringing again . He said that if I wanted to come back then, he could check to see if they need doing. Mr leach said if there was no treatment needed, then he would not charge for the appointment.

Mr Leach took his time and I felt he was totally professional and knowledgeable. He said, "ear drums must always be be treated with great care". He was able to show me on screen (as he was working), that he was not going near the eardrum. This was extremely reassuring.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mr Leach and wish that I had known about his service sooner! I will definitely be going to him from now on.

From Stella, Leeds, October 2016

"Excellent value, friendly yet professional treatment, absolutely recommended!"

I had a blocked ear. I decided to go private because I was not able to hear anything from my right ear and could not wait for a GP appointment. I had an immediate response from Ralph, who put me at ease and talked me through the procedure every step of the way, paying attention to detail without rushing. I had microsuction and irrigation treatment in the comfort of my home and the problem was immediatly resolved.

Ralph responded to this review:

Stella thought she had a cotton bud stuck in her ear. I examined the ear, but could only see wax deep in her canal, the impacting wax was stopping her ear drum vibrating. This meant that sound could not reach her inner ear (the centre of hearing). Removal of the wax and then water irrigation to clean the canal, has prevented a possible infection and pain. It's always nice to provide an instant fix! Ralph

From Ian Roberts, Huddersfield, September 2016

It's almost two weeks since you came and removed the wax from my right ear (and what a lot there was!) Thank you for giving me back my hearing, it is amazing. My hearing is so much better than it has been for a long time. I have even found myself asking my partner "does my car sound normal to you?", because it sounded so different to what I was used to.

As I mentioned to you at the appointment, the last time I had wax removed, it was some years ago by the GP's practice nurse using the traditional syringing method. This cleared the wax, but left me with tinnitus which lingered for several days. Following your treatment my hearing was completely clear immediately!

I will be recommending your services to any of my friends with an ear wax problem.

Many thanks, Ian

From Dave Bull, Barnsley, August 2016

Absolutely amazing! My hearing has now returned to 100% following a recent home appointment with Ralph. I can't find words to describe the relief! Finally an end to the frustration.

If anyone needs a reassuring reference, then contact me at "cookscorner@hotmail.co.uk."

Thank you Ralph. Dave Bull (Carlton, Barnsley)

Ralph responded to this review:

Dave's wax was deep and impacting, microsuction was safely used to clear two very blocked ears. Ralph

From Stacey in Huddersfield, June 2016

Blocked ears of 6yr old boy sorted at last!

I took my 6 year old Grandson Alfie to see Ralph after years of asking Drs to sort out his gluey blocked ears with something other than messy olive oil. Ralph was very nice and put Alfie at ease. He sorted his ears out in no time at all. Highly recommended. Thankyou from Alfie and Grandma!

Ralph responded to this review:

It was unusual for me to be presented with such a young child, however Alfie was positive about being treated. As he was willing to keep still, Microsuction was used to lift plugs of wax from both ears under surgical optics. Result...... One Happy Lad and two clear ears! Thanks for the review. Ralph

From Jo Haigh in Denby Dale, April 2016

Ralph, thank you so much, you literally saved my life!

I have suffered for weeks, you came out late Sunday evening and 1/2hr later I could hear again. Now I am back in the land of the living.

I can't recommend you enough.

Kind regards.

Jo Haigh Chief Executive

From Paul Dale in Halifax, December 2015

Pennine Ear Care recently removed a large item from one of my ears. As a result of the excellent service I received, I'm happy to give a full recommendation to anyone considering using their services. I contacted them because I had a tapping sound in my ear after showering. I was offered a convenient appointment at short notice. When Ralph examined my ears he made me feel comfortable. The offending object was found and various sophisticated tools were professionally used to extract it. Then my ears were fully cleaned. There was no discomfort or pain and my hearing has improved greatly. I am really glad I contacted Pennine Ear Care and will use their services in future. Yours sincerely Paul Dale.

Note - The tapping was caused by a ball of hard wax! Ralph

From Dave Marriott in Meltham, August 2015

Hi Ralph, I would like to thank you for your prompt and professional attention yesterday. After suffering with a build up of wax for the past two weeks and a doctor's appointment still a further week away, I decided to ring you. You arrived within the hour and solved the problem.

I would certainly recommend your service to anyone. Thanks again. Dave Marriott

From Gareth F. in Leeds, July 2015

"A very simple and effective ear syringing"

"Had both my ears syringed, I knew I had to have it done, but the NHS wanted me to put oil in my ears for 3 weeks to soften the wax, then wait another week for an appointment! I couldn't wait that long and the last thing I needed was oil and wax dropping out of my ears whilst I worked.

I can't work out why your own doctor can't do this, it was easy and simple, painless, no mess, quick and all was explained to me before it happened.

If you are suffering with earwax don't wait and have to put up with being deaf as well as putting olive oil in your ears, just make a very simple appointment and have Ralph come to you or you go to him, it really is that simple.

A great service, I felt comfortable, there was no stress, no hassle, he just got there and got the job done in less than 10 minutes. Why the NHS can't do this simple method I don't know, maybe it is a stalling tactic so you will go somewhere else instead." Gareth F.

From Mr P Dhanoya in Huddersfield, March 2015

I have got my hearing back!! Thanks to Ralph!

I've had this nagging loss/muffled problem with my ears for 2 weeks. Being a musician I was pretty frightened I had done some damage.

I was very fortunate to have found Ralph via Google, a phone call later and he was on my door step in 20 mins.

In less than 15 mins Ralph put all my problems to rest. Using a safe removal technique, he pulled out the offending wax!... to my surprise quite a bit!

The cure was instant! Tremendous relief!

Recommended to anyone with blocked ears!

Cheap, speedy, efficient and a lovely knowledgeable chap.

Thanks again. - Mr P Dhanoya

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