It is advisable to have your ears examined periodically to check for a build up of excess wax and any abnormalities.

What is the Purpose of Ear Wax?

Ear wax is formed by a combination of excretions from the sebaceous (oil) glands, ceruminous (wax) glands and apocrine (sweat) glands, to which hairs and skin flakes etc attach. This is a healthy bodily function. Wax carries debris away from the ear drum along the ear canal to the entrance of the ear where it is expelled. Normally wax maintains moisture levels and protects against the ingress of foreign bodies such as insects. It is when this process is interupted that problems occur. The oil and sweat glands production levels can slow down and hairs which trap wax can become more prolific! External devices such as hearing aids and noise protection etc push wax back into the ear canal causing wax to age and harden. Use of cotton buds to clean your ears can cause wax to be pushed back into the ear canal as well as putting the user at risk from loss of the cotton end in the ear or even damage to the delicate ear canal and ear drum.

Issues Associated with Ear Wax Build Up

Excess wax can lead to deafness, vertigo, infection and earache. Olive oil may have been recommended to soften old hard wax, but this will rarely move the wax out of the ear on it's own, to provide a satisfactory solution. Any damage to the ear canal wall, by the use of chemical based drops could encourage the onset of an infection. An excess of wax will quickly block hearing aids worn in the ear, furthering any deafness.

Advantages of Regular Ear Checks

By getting to know your ears' medical history and careful examination of the ears, a solution to your problem is invariably found and actioned on the one visit. So there is no need for long delays and repeated appointments. Olive oil is a useful maintenance tool for keeping your ear canals healthy and reducing the chance of wax building up. Earol serves this purpose and is recommended unless there is a medical contra indication which would make it unsafe to use. Advice in this respect will always be given at the appointment.

Video Otoscopy

Video Otoscopy in colour, allows me to show and discuss with you the condition of your ear canals, prior to any treatment on a laptop screen. These images are saved for future reference. Following treatment, your clear canals are re - viewed on the laptop and again these images are saved. Copies of all these images are made avilable for you to keep. Seeing inside your own ears including the ear drums is a memorable experience!


Microsuction is the only safe way for some patients to have wax removed. Gaining a thorough medical history of your ears and a careful examination procedure, ensures maximum safety and comfort. Our equipment, as used in ENT departments, lifts wax out of the ear canals without putting any pressure on your ear drums. The whole procedure is carried out with the use of a high power light source and magnifying optics.

Hearing Check

Following treatment and examination, your ears are sound checked to establish normal hearing has returned. If your hearing is found to be below normal, then a free full audiometric test can be arranged.

Medical Referral

Where any condition of your ears is still a cause for concern following treatment, then a medical referral will be provided at no extra charge.

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